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In Depth Expertise and Experience

PayComplete is the global leader in physical finance, dedicated to innovating self-service experiences and operations for both consumers and employees. The PayComplete Solution is a fintech IoT platform made up of an adaptable set of SaaS and machine software, intelligent devices, and professional, technical and merchant services.


PayComplete’s Connect unifies the management of transactions, users, devices, and data across the enterprise, bringing digital precision to physical finance.


PayComplete serves a broad range of industries, including retail, transportation, financial services, vending, cash centers, mints and more. Industry leaders such as HMS Host, work with PayComplete to make their transaction-based businesses more innovative, agile, and efficient.

PayComplete is built on a heritage of innovation, incorporating decades of broad industry experience and deep technological expertise from our family of legacy brands. A brief timeline of acquisitions shows the breadth and strength of our brand leadership.

In our successful operations, we have established a strong position serving major global clients in retailing, as well as public transport networks, public services and other sectors. We offer a broad portfolio of products, services and solutions that support the movement of cash at every stage of its journey through the retail environment - and beyond, through local banks, CIT and cash centres to central banks. At the same time we place great emphasis on recycling in-coming cash back into circulation, in order to reduce the amount of handling, processing and transport. This can save significant amounts and add further measurable benefits to increased bottom-line profits achievable through PayComplete.

Working closely with you we can undertake a thorough assessment of your current cash-handling processes, identify their strengths and weaknesses - and develop a strategy that optimises coin and banknote processing performance. For more information about us or to find out how we can help you don't hesitate to contact us either phone 0161 873 0505 or email


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