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Retail and Hospitality Cash Solutions - For Streamlining
Your Cash processing

Depending on the type of store you operate we can tailor our solutions to meet your requirements, whether you are looking to increase cash security, speed up cash processing, reducing CIT costs or the number of change deliveries by recycling cash in store - PayComplete can help! Take a look at some of our solutions below for more information. To discuss your specific requirements don't hesitate to get in touch on 0161 873 0505 or email or via the contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Ideal for large convenience stores & supermarkets 

  • Automatic till float creation

  • In store cash recycling

  • Secure cash deposit


PayComplete’s Retail cash system offers cost-effective and secure retail cash handling. The RCS handles a number of retail back office operations, such as coin and (optional) note recycling and facilitates CIT integration. 

  • Ideal for Leisure Retailers
    & Department stores

  •  Process high volumes of cash

  •  Automatic till float creation

  •  Secure cash deposit

The RCS-800 is represents the perfect solution for retail back offices with high volumes of bank notes. This high speed bulk note deposit machine has been designed to help operators process increasing volumes of bank notes with speed and accuracy as well as increased security.

  • Compact footprint and dimensions

  • 6mm high-tensile steel construction as standard

  • Single note feed

  • Up to 3000 notes capacity

  • Multiple currency options

  • Integrated 7”touch screen interface

The Smart Deposit Solution is the perfect device for retail back office designed to speed up and secure cash processes - managing and counting till skims and end of day deposits with full accountability.

  • Compact footprint

  • Canvas bag or Bin with liner

  • Barcode scanner for bag traceability

  • Multi-currency counting

  • High-tensile steel to keep cash secure

The SDS-5X0 series is a high-speed, back-office cash deposit solution that reduces labor costs and enables real-time provisional credit to optimize cash operations. This high-speed smart safe features a more accurate and efficient note validator to meet growing business needs.

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