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Food Stores - Baker, Butcher, Deli

A specialist in your area, with a small footprint and a limited number of till points. Customer service is paramount and it is likely that a lot of your transaction will be cash based. 


Your challenges may include:

  • Checking cash / floats

  • Valuable time spent manually counting and sorting cash

  • Increasing number of counterfeit bank notes

  • Security of cash

  • High volumes of bank notes

  • Banking processes

  • Loss prevention and Audit

  • Security of staff

PayComplete can help streamline your cash-handling operations. Benefiting from our experience, expertise and advice, our intelligent IT systems, cash processing machines and scalable client solutions, you'll soon see a dramatic improvement in your cash handling efficiency.

Increase Cash Security



Using intelligent smart safes, cash management in store can be simplified significantly and with high security levels built in to ensure that overnight security is maintained when cash is left onsite. Also, having an insurance graded safe means you don't have to rely on timed collections from CIT operator but can arrange collection at the most convenient times, with the cash stored and insured until collection


Automatic float creation & in store cash recycling


RCS offers cost-effective, secure retail cash handling. Improved in-store coin flow management, with automatic recycling of coins and (optional) notes increases efficiency and staff flexibility, ensuring a rapid and significant return on investment.


Accurate & Auditable System




Advanced note recognition technology means you can process notes with speed and accuracy and identify counterfeit notes. All activities are registered and saved for tracking purposes; this can provide you with extensive reporting for audit processes. 

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