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Streamline your cash management

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Reduce the risk of mistakes and shrinkage



Cash remains a popular and enduring payment method and so remains an important management issue for the hospitality industry. With potentially a high number of tills spread throughout the hotel (bar, restaurants, and reception), manual cash handling can be labour and cost intensive. There are a number of time consuming activities involved in keeping cash flowing through a long process chain from acceptance, checking for forgeries, change provision, and float supply to sorting, counting and reconciliation.


The RCS solution from PayComplete handles these cash office operations to streamline your cash processing. Repeated and time consuming manual cash counting is eliminated and the risk of mistakes and shrinkage is reduced. Improving your cash management increases efficiency and allows staff to focus on the guests rather than back office operations.



The flexible back office solution allows staff to select the cash mix for the day and in less than 30 seconds, coins and (optional) notes are automatically dispensed. During the day RCS serves as a continuous cash supplier providing change when needed. All activities are registered online for extensive reporting. At the end of the day coins and notes are quickly deposited back into the RCS and stored securely ready for future float dispensing.



Working closely with you, PayComplete can undertake a thorough assessment of current cash handling procedures and develop a strategy that optimises your cash processing performance.


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