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Introducing the NEW RCS 400 2.0 


The latest RCS 400 2.0 transforms your cash handling into smart cash management,
improving your business at all levels.

Save time and money


The steady flow of cash into the back office needs to be counted, allocated and secured quickly and efficiently. With the RCS 400 2.0 you take control of the cash through an efficient, automated cash cycle all the way around, from internal cash handling to CIT operations.

This ensures both time and cost savings, as well as an increased customer service.

Automate your cash office

The minimalistic design together with the latest best-in-class technology and unique software connection, make the RCS 400 2.0 one of the strongest back office solutions on the market. Make the smart solution part of your daily operations and decision makings, instead of spending hours on administration and counting.

In less than 30 seconds, cash is dispensed into cups or a cash drawer.

At the end of the day, the daily takings are deposited back and the cash is easily reconciled through the unique management platform, SoftOne Intelligence.


Unique monitoring solution


The RCS 400 2.0 works seamlessly with the unique monitoring software solution, SoftOne Intelligence.This solution is the ultimate management platform for superior financial and operational control of cash. The cash solution is also connectable to any existing network and can be monitored from any remote position. Maximize the value of your business!

Contact us to discuss your requirements: or 0161 873 0505
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