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Convenience Stores

A very large store offering a huge assortment of goods across a variety of categories and you offer considerable customer service. Your layout is designed to offer payment at point of purchase 

Your challenges may include:

  • Creating a number of till floats 

  • The cost and time of change deliveries and CIT pick ups

  • Cash processing and reconciliation

  • Security of cash

  • Loss Prevention and audit​

When you run a convenience store you cannot put time into complex structures and routines – simplicity is what you need. Your goal is to serve your customers at all times with generous opening hours. Unfortunately this might increase the risk of robbery, bringing along a feeling of insecurity among your staff.

PayComplete solutions can help!

Increased cash security



Solutions such as our SDS 5xx series provides the security a retailer needs for leaving cash onsite overnight. An Insurance graded safe means that the retailer does not have to rely on timed collections from the CIT operator, but can arrange collection at the most convenient times, with the cash stored and insured until collection.


Faster cash processing



Fast processing of cashier monies at the end of shift allows for a better level of cashier accountability and thereby assists in loss prevention Cash can be counted, allocated and secured quickly and efficiently 

In store cash recycling



Recycling cash in store reduces unnecessary purchases and deliveries of cash making savings in both time and money. Being able to automatically use yesterdays takings as today's float also reduces unnecessary banking and CIT charges.   

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