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Retail and Hospitality Cash System 

In store Cash Recycling with RCS 400/800

Automatic float creation & in store cash recycling

PayComplete RCS family is an innovative cash processing solution developed in cooperation with leading international retailers and CIT operators.  RCS offers cost-effective, secure retail cash handling. Improved in-store coin flow management, with automatic recycling of coins and (optional) notes increases efficiency and staff flexibility, ensuring a rapid and significant return on investment.


By streamlining cash administration and verification procedures, the system enables faster, more efficient cashier routines for collecting cash floats and depositing the day’s takings. Manual handling of cash is eliminated and the time saved can instead be used with more customer oriented tasks. The CIT operator can keep a close check on cash flow data and reduce coin loads and optimise collection cycles in order to minimise environmental impact from cash transport.

Integrated Solutions 


PayComplete solutions are made up of our range of core coin and note hardware solutions with integrated, common software applications to provide totally scalable solutions to meet your specific store profiles. The RCS 400/800 can work along side a number of bank note processing units such as the SDS-500 depending on your requirements, resulting in a sophisticated cash deposit and/or cash recycling solution. 



Complete Software Solution


No matter what machine configuration you need, PayComplete's Connect secure centralised platform covers all. Our platform receives information from all machines such as transactions, machine content, operational status and machine events. This allows retailers to remoteley manage multiple machines and supervise and monitor their devices across the complete store network from a single view.

Lets Talk


To arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and gain further information on how PayComplete can improve your cash handling processes simply call us on 0161 873 0505 or email  or via our contact us page.

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