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Department Stores

A very large store offering a huge assortment of goods across a varity of categories and you offer considerable customer service. Your layout is designed to offer payment at point of purchase 

Your challenges may include:

  • Issuing floats to a number of till points

  • Accurate cash processing and reconciliation

  • Tills spread throughout the store

  • High volumes of cash

  • Different shifts requiring till floats throughout the day

  • Cost of cash office and staff

  • Managing cash and till lifts/skims

  • CIT collection costs and delivery time requirements

Fortunately there are solutions to your cash challenges - PayComplete can help you streamline your cash handling operations and you will soon see a dramatic improvement in efficiency, resulting in reduced overheads, increased productivity and extra profitability.

PayComplete solutions can help!

Cash Recycling
in store 

Fully integrated cash recycling solution for the back office significantly reduces manual handling of cash. By recycling in-house - using yesterday's takings as today's float - reduces your dependency on CIT. Our recycling solutions allow you to dispense floats in under a minute and provide a secure and auditable system for cash depositing....

Automatic till
float creation



Manually creating large numbers of till floats is time consuming. Automating this process, creating floats containing both notes and coins, saves your business significant amounts of time and money. Dispense floats in under a minute with no need for manual counting or logging. 

Fast & Secure bank note processing



Make light work of processing high volumes of bank notes - validating, counting, sorting and securing at exceptional speeds, allowing your staff to get everything balanced and banked with minimum of fuss or delays. 

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