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Discount Stores

Offering an extensive assortment of merchandise at affordable and cut-rate prices, you have a number of till points and have a need to keep costs down whilst providing a good level of customer service.  

Your challenges may include:

  • Creating a number of till floats

  • Managing change deliveries & CIT pick up

  • Daily cash processing and reconciliation

  • Till and staff flexibility in peak trading

  • Change requirements throughout the day

Working with you we can undertake a thorough assessment of your current cash-handling processes, identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop a strategy that optimises coin and bank note processing performance increase security and reduce shrinkage.


PayComplete solutions can help!

Cash Recycling
in store 



Fully integrated cash recycling solution for the back office significantly reduces manual handling of cash. By recycling in-house - using yesterday's takings as today's float reduces your dependency on CIT. Our recycling solutions allow you to dispense floats in under a minute and provide a secure and auditable system for cash depositing.... 

Efficiently Creating & Managing Till Floats



Dispense floats in under a minute with no need for manual counting or logging reducing the time for start of shift processing. Deposit end of day funds and the system will count, sort and store cash securely. Dispense change throughout the shift by depositing large denominations for smaller ones - all without manual counting or logging.  

Accurate & Auditable System



A fully automated cash office means that all activities are registered and saved for tracking purposes, this can provide you with extensive reporting for audit processes and can be integrated with existing business or back office systems to ensure that your cash processes are handled in a single accurate system. 

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