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Speciality Stores

Your challenges may include:

  • ​Checking cash floats

  • A lot of time spent counting and sorting cash

  • Accepting a high volume of counterfeit banknotes

  • Security of cash

  • High volumes of bank notes

  • Banking processes

  • Loss prevention and audit

  • Security of staff 


Give attention to a particular category, brand type or brand. Whilst you see large amounts of card based payments, the turnover at peak times and average transaction value means you will need to manage volumes of bank notes safely and effectively. 

PayComplete can tailor our solutions to meet your requirements whether that be in store cash recycling, higher security, automating till float creation, reducing manual cash processing and even improve the efficiency of your CIT pick up and deliveries. - We offer SCALABLE SOLUTIONS TO MEET YOUR NEEDS.

Increased cash security 



Solutions such as our SDS 5xx series provides the security a retailer needs for leaving cash onsite overnight. An Insurance graded safe means that the retailer does not have to rely on timed collections from the CIT operator, but can arrange collection at the most convenient times, with the cash stored and insured until collection.


Efficient bank note processing



SDS 5xx high speed bulk note deposit series has been designed to help operators process increasing volumes of bank notes with speed and accuracy as well as increased security. This small, smart and high performing deposit unit is the right solution to meet a range of needs including increasing security, saving time and reducing costs.

Faster end of day processing



Our Retail cash solutions support the direct collection of sealed cash packs by your security partner, reducing the time spent in making up traditional lodgements for banking. End of day cash processing through automated systems reduces the manual back office operation and frees up staff time  

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