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Coins and notes - they're the lifeblood of your business, measuring the success of your sales and forming the foundations of your profits. However, the processes required to handle your cash can be surprisingly costly when you consider the need to collect, count and collate it, store it and finally transport it to your banks as well as preparing floats, counterfeit notes to spot, reconciliation calculations, security and more. PayComplete works closely with businesses and undertake a thorough assessment of your current cash-handling processes and develop a strategy that optimises coin and banknote processing performance. 

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PayComplete is the global leader in physical finance, dedicated to innovating self-service experiences and operations for both consumers and employees.


The PayComplete Solution is a fintech IoT platform made up of an adaptable set of SaaS and machine software, intelligent devices, and professional, technical and merchant services.




The PayComplete device and component portfolio results from decades of innovation in cash management from our family of industry-leading legacy brands.


Paired with our software and services, we offer a complete solution for modern businesses of all sizes.




The RCS-800 optimizes cash management to help operators to get the most out of their workforce.


Our smart cash recycler efficiently cycles cash throughout the business, from internal cash handling to CIT operations, so operators can take control of their cash, instead of spending hours on administrative tasks like counting.

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